Smith Comfortable With Not Having To Learn New Offense

The National Football Post reports that QB Alex Smith is happy he doesn’t have to learn a new offense in 2010:

For the first time since the San Francisco 49ers invested the first pick in the draft on Alex Smith in 2005, the quarterback isn’t forced to learn a new offense in the spring. Smith won’t have to feel his way through a playbook when he takes the field this time, ensuring he has the calls right and worrying about the little things when he should be thinking fast. “It’s a big difference hitting the ground running,” Smith told David White of the San Francisco Chronicle. “I can’t say how nice it is to be that much further ahead than we were a year ago.” “Last year, you were really just trying to take in the basics,” Smith said. “We were working on huddle procedure, motions and shifts and all the fundamentals you have to build. At this point, we’re so much past that and taking the next step forward.”

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