Singletary Says the Spread Wasn’t That Much of a Help

The Press Democrat says that Mike Singletary doesn’t feel the spread did all that much to help the Niners yesterday:

49ers head coach Mike Singletary said he does not think the team using the shotgun formation and spreading the field was the reason for their comeback in Week 11. “I think that’s a combination of a number of things,” Singletary said. “Sometimes when you get behind, the defense is playing a different kind of defense. I think they relax a little bit. It’s a different coverage. I think if you’re in basic two-back set, you probably get the same result. But I think (QB Alex Smith) can throw the ball, and I think he can throw the ball well. I think our offensive line did a decent job. Once we got in a rhythm, it was on. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get (our defense) off the field to find out if we could close it out.”

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