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Are the Niners One of the Top NFL Teams?

Many fickle 49er fans (say that three times fast) as well as so-called “experts” alike are all answering or trying to answer one question: “Are the 49ers a good team?”

In the wake of one of the worst losses in franchise history, it’s a fair question.

This fan likes to err on the side of hope.

In my opinion, the loss against Atlanta was a pure fluke.

Singletary said it best when he said that the players begin to worry about the predicament they are in and start to focus more on “I gotta make a play!” rather than sticking to their assignments, executing, etc.

Atlanta capitalized on Nate Clements going for a deflection on the long TD to Roddy White.

The team was unfortunately out of timeouts when a supposed kickoff fumble occurred, thus leaving them without the ability to challenge the play.

We all know what happened with Dre Bly and I think we can bet that won’t happen again…at least not until he’s near the proper end zone.

Seattle is not a bad team per se. The Minnesota game truly could have gone either way, in fact it probably should have gone the 49ers’ way as that last play was a very low percentage type of play.

I agree that the running game needs to be consistent, not just a few big plays. Like the passing game’s fate, it lies in the offensive line’s hands. This aspect, as well as the many mental errors that occurred in the Atlanta game, I believe will be rectified, or at least significantly improved upon during the coming weeks.

While I wouldn’t call the 49ers an elite team, I do think they are the best team in the division and if they can pick up even a few games outside of the division…they will be playoff bound.

From there it depends on how much we improve in the areas of need between now and then. Crabtree I expect to have an instant impact, albeit minor at first, but becoming much larger down the stretch.

Again, ultimately I think it comes down to the offensive line. If they can get that shored up…I think this team will be scary.

Imagine if they were playing the same type of defense they played for the first 3.99 weeks…as well as having an offense where, albeit a conservative approach, the quarterback has three or more seconds to find a receiver! The running backs have holes to run through! You know, the way it’s drawn up?

The 49ers have some work to do this bye week…and beyond. Here’s hoping they get it done.

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