Crabtree Appears Close to Coming in for the Niners

ESPN is reporting that it appears that the Niners, who are already looking good at 3-1, may be finally getting their first-round pick, Michael Crabtree in the fold:

49ers coach Mike Singletary had good things to say about receiver Michael Crabtree when a reporter asked about the unsigned draft choice Monday, consider it a wise move now that Crabtree is headed to the Bay Area and hoping to sign with the 49ers after missing the first four regular-season games. The 49ers are 3-1, but their linebackers have scored more touchdowns (two) than their wide receivers (one) — a reflection of their receivers, perhaps, and their conservative nature, for sure. Singletary spoke at length during his news conference about the unselfish nature of the 49ers’ defense and a reporter asked whether a player who was perhaps being selfish — Crabtree — would fit into a team built on unselfishness. “You said the key word: perhaps,” Singletary answered. “I don’t know that. I don’t know that for sure. Why say ‘no” to someone that may be one heck of a kid? Like I said, I met him, I talked to him, I had a good feel for him. I haven’t been wrong too often. I think he’s a great kid. “Sometimes, it’s your rookie year. You’re just coming into the NFL. All you know is what they are telling you.”

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