Singletary Still Debating QB Spot for Niners

It looks as if it’s going to take Mike Singletary a bit longer to pick his starting QB, this despite a clear difference between how well Shaun Hill has played over Alex Smith:

Coach Mike Singletary said Sunday that he has yet to decide on Shaun Hill or Alex Smith after reviewing film of the 49ers’ 21-20 victory over the Raiders a night earlier. Against the Raiders, Smith started and went 3 for 9 for 30 yards — a stat line hurt by a drop that turned into an interception. He probably needed a big night to wrest the job away from Hill, the presumed favorite. But Hill didn’t do much either, going 3 for 7 for 20 yards. Singletary’s evaluation of his two passers? “Nothing great,” the coach said. Singletary said he wanted at least another day to scrutinize the performances. He said he wanted to study the mechanics, the reads and other nuances of each quarterback contender. “I have to look at some more film,” Singletary said. “It takes me a little longer than some other people. I think attention to detail is key. That’s why.”

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  1. Bryan Zollinger | August 24, 2009 at 4:47 pm | Reply

    Really? “despite a clear difference between how well Shaun Hill has played over Alex Smith”? I would posit it’s not so clear or he would have made the decision. Additionally, if some of Smith’s passes hadn’t been dropped and tipped to opposing defenders, we wouldn’t be having this debate. Look at the game film from the Raiders game. Take back the dropped/tipped balls and Smith “clearly” outplayed Hill in the Raider game.

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