Singletary Getting Set to Run the Niners Hard in Camp

Sounds like Mike Singletary is getting set to run the Niners hard during his first training camp in 2009:

49ers coach Mike Singletary will ensure his players don’t forget how much hard work is required. The team’s spring practices often resembled an Army boot camp with Singletary, the tough-love sergeant, patrolling the field and egging on his players. Training camp under Singletary promises to be tougher.

He’s already built a hill on one side of the team’s practice field he’s dubbed “Pain,” and the coach plans on calling for a few Oklahoma drills – physical one-on-one battles between offensive and defensive players – to set the tone. “I’m very excited,” Singletary said. “I’ve got my notes. I know who plays fast. I know who moves fast. I know who knows where they’re going. I want to see who has the desire, who has the heart to be a champion. We’ll find out fairly quickly.”

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