49ers Still a Good Fit for Michael Vick?

The 49’ers have been linked to Michael Vick for quite awhile, and today Vinnie Iyer from Sporting News.com writes about six teams that should take a look at Vick, and you guessed it, the Niners remain in that mix. Here’s what he says about Vick:

The Niners have an immediate quarterback issue, facing a Shaun Hill or Alex Smith question. For that alone, considering Jimmy Raye’s run-oriented offense is suited well for a mobile passer, Vick warrants a long look. The biggest factor in San Francisco, however, is Mike Singletary, the type of coach who would work patiently with Vick as he makes the transition back to NFL life.

2 Comments on "49ers Still a Good Fit for Michael Vick?"

  1. I’m a diehard niner fan. If they really aren’t drooling over Vick, I’m bothered. If they don’t pick him up, it will take more than a random act from God for the niners to even make it to 8-8.
    Don’t get me wrong, the 49ers have players…. They’re just not good players. Too bad. Crabtree is good, but I’m sure we will see him in another jersey next year. Yay!
    When I hear “Taking Vick will lose fans,” ummm… If we lose 70% of our fans, that’s only four people total. I’ll stick around. Take Vick, lose your four fans, and sell some tickets.

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