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49ers Cannot Remain Cheapskates Forever

A good analogy that comes to mind is actually for those of you who follow the business dealings in the NBA.  The analogy is that when you’re a cheap owner, you’re called a “Sterling” – in honor of the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, Donald Sterling.  He is notoriously cheap; as a result, it shows in the team’s win-loss record.  And not surprisingly, the owner (now former) of the San Francisco 49ers, one John York, is a lot like Sterling.  But perhaps that may change.

York’s son, Jed, kind of reminds me of former Indianapolis Colts owner Bob Irsay’s son, Jim.  Unlike John, Jed has put his own stamp on the team, but in a good way; the retention of head coach Mike Singletary allows for some continuity while the theft of Michael Crabtree (well it was a steal!) and the reconstruction of the team’s headquarters suggest that things may very well be looking up for the 49ers.

Not to mention that some sub-standard contracts along with the chutzpah to absorb the unfinished deals of two fired coaches and an ousted general manager.  These measures show that the Yorks (particularly Jed) seem to finally get it.  But the true test will be if the team can make good use of the TV money during these tough times.  If they can do this, then there is hope for San Francisco; if not, then Jeb will just remind folks of his father – which is not a good thing in light of the team’s past track record.

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1 Comment

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