Willis the Only Niner on the Top 50 NFL Players List

Pete Prisco of CBSSportsline.com has come out with his annual list of the Top 50 NFL players, and the Niners have 1 player on the list. Here’s the lone Niner on the list:

28. Patrick Willis, ILB, 49ers: He’s a tackling machine. In two years, he’s established himself as one of the league’s best defensive players.

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  1. I cant believe Frank Gore was not included on that list. On the just missed list they mentioned Steven jackson, please Steven jackson isnt half the back Frank Gore is. This guy is a jerk off, i guess he thinks his opinion matters. I mean anyone can make a list of top 50 NFL players, its not rocket science. But Frank Gore should of been included on that list and thank god at least this idiot was smart enough to recognize Patrick Willis. Anyways thanks for letting me rant. GO NINERS!!!!!!

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