Rookie 3rd Round Pick Coffee Looking to be That Spark Plug for the Run Game

There is no doubt that the 49’ers ground game could use some help, and the team hopes that last Sunday’s pick of Glen Coffee in the third round of the NFL Draft will do that. Coffee will come in and do his best to help out Frank Gore, who last season led the team in rushing again with 1036 yards.

The Niners though had their issues, as they only were able to put up 99.9 yards per game on the ground, good for just 27th in the league. They are banking on Coffee to come in and give the run game that shot in the arm they have been looking for. Coffee is hoping to be that guy that can be that spark plug.

“I’m sure we’ll talk about special teams too, but I’m going to do everything they ask me and be able to handle it,” he said. “I’m the kind of guy who would rather run you over than run around you, and I think defensive guys like that kind of runner because it’s a challenge for them.”

Coffee ran for 2,107 yards in his career at Alabama, and went for 14 touchdowns. Last season he ran for 1,383 yards and 10 scores, Here’s hoping that the 21-year-old will be that factor to turn the Niners running game around in 2009.

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  1. Im going to predict 1400 yards rushing for Gore, 500 for Coffee. Supplemented by others on the team, that should put the 49ers at or near the top 1/3 in the league in rushing

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