Niners Real Needs Not Met in Weekend Draft

The Niners came into the weekend draft needing to address two major positions on their roster – offensive tackle and outside pass-rusher. With nine picks overall, it seemed more than likely the club would choose players at those positions.

Instead, they didn’t go that route, and basically would have been fools to pass up on electric WR Michael Crabtree at the #10 spot. No one, and I mean NO ONE, had Crabtree falling that far down, and it was thanks to the “always good for a laugh” Raiders to make it happen that the Niners could get Crabtree.

The player that it looked like the Niners would have taken at 10 if Crabtree wasn’t sitting in their laps was Michael Oher, the Mississippi tackle. Mike Singletary said that the pick came down to Oher and Crabtree, but the talent of the gifted WR won out.

So what does San Fran do from here? They are going to at some point have to address the needs of the franchise. They had better keep their eyes open and cell phones on, as it would sure be nice to see a solid player fall into their laps through being released or somehow else before the start of the 2009 season.

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