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Crabtree Talks to the Media After the Draft

(on the city of San Franciscco): It has great weather. I can’t wait to play football in that weather.

(on playing in San Francisco instead of Oakland): I feel like I’m in the position where if somebody wants me and needs me, I just can’t wait to play.

(on SF QB situation): I have no idea. As soon as I get there I’m looking forward to working hard with all these guys and try to make each other better.

(on his draft day wait): The key to this situation is being patient. I feel like I did that my whole life and can’t go wrong.

(on Mike Singletary): Mike Singletary is a great coach. He’s a good guy. He’s very positive. The main thing he wants you to do is work and make the program better.

(on whether he wanted to be picked earlier): I’m just glad I got picked. This is a true blessing.

(on the adjustment to the NFL): It’s a big adjustment. It’s a challenge. It’s going to take a lot of film watching and play watching. A lot of practice and running on the field. I’m looking forward to that.

(on if he feels he was the best receiver in the draft even though he wasn’t the first selected): I always feel like I’m the best. I work to be the best. I have some big shoes to fill when I go to the 49ers with Jerry Rice. I’m looking forward to that too.

(on the pre-draft speculation): I’m one of those guys that really doesn’t watch TV at all. The only way I know is if one of my little brothers tells me about it. Whatever they say I just feed it into motivation.

(on what he will say to the governor of California if they meet): Well, I was trying to see him while I was down there. But I’ll tell him: “I’ll be back”

(on why he was not the top receiver picked): I still feel like I’m the top receiver. I don’t really pay any attention to what everyone else does. He’s a good receiver, the person who went ahead of me. I choose not to worry about that.

(on three people from Dallas in the top 10): That’s a good deal. It’s never happened in history. The top 10, three people from Dallas. I bet Dallas is going crazy right now. I can’t wait to go back.

(on his football idol growing up): My football idol was Barry Sanders. I loved Barry Sanders. I loved Deion Sanders, too. There’s something about these Sanders guys.

(on comparisons to Jerry Rice): It’s a privilege to be compared to Jerry Rice. He’s a great player, if not the best receiver to play the game. I just take all of that in and I listen very well to what they say about comparing me to all these different receivers. I’m just going to take it and run with it and try to get better every day.

(on if he has friends in the San Francisco area): I don’t have any friends out there. I’ve talked to Vernon [Davis] a couple times, but I’m looking forward to meeting new people.

(on meeting Jerry Rice): He’s a good guy. Behind the scenes, we mainly don’t talk about football. We talk about the off-the-field things. And he just told me to keep a level head.

(on what he will miss most about Texas): Texas football! There’s nothing like Texas football. It’s probably the best football you can play.

(on his foot surgery): I will be 110%. My doctor told me I could start running. But he told me to wait until one of these teams picked me.

(on if he feels extra motivation to play against the teams that didn’t select him): I really do. I keep all of that in mind. Like I said, I feel like I’m in a situation where someone wants me and needs me. And I can’t wait to put this red, black, and gold on.

(on if Graham Harrell is underestimated by NFL teams): Graham Harrell is a football player. When I was working, he was working with me. He threw all the passes to me when I was working hard, so I know he’s a hard worker. Anybody who gets him is going to get a steal. He’s going to progress every year. So I’m looking forward to seeing where he goes.

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