Hill and Smith Already Battling for the QB Spot

Shaun Hill
From: AP

No time is too early to start the 49ers’ seemingly annual quarterback competition – not even a few hours into the first day of the first minicamp of Singletary’s tenure. With the first game of 2009 still more than five months away, Singletary has begun evaluating whether Alex Smith, Shaun Hill, Damon Huard or a yet-to-be-signed-or-drafted passer will be his starter in the fall.

Finding an additional candidate seems possible, although the Niners seem less interested in Jay Cutler than they were in Kurt Warner, who spurned their overtures two weeks ago. “I just feel very fortunate to have both of them on this team and under contract,” Singletary said Friday. “It’s a matter of us as coaches picking the right one at that point in time.”

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