Warner and the Niners Making Progress in a Possible Deal

The 49’ers spent Monday trying to talk Kurt Warner into coming to town, with the hopes that he’ll sign with them and possibly take his second straight NFC West team to the Super Bowl.

The agent for Warner, Mark Bartlestein, said that he and the Cardinals have not spoken since Saturday. There is no word yet if the Niners did enough to get Warner inked.

“I don’t want to get into offers,” Bartelstein said, “but things are definitely progressing, that’s for sure. He’s going there to decide if that’s the right fit and if they have all the things he’s looking for, the chance to win, all those issues.”

Word is that Bartelstein is looking for a two-year deal for Warner, worth in the area of $29 million. The Cardinals have been gun-shy so far in pulling the trigger in trying to ink Warner, and it might end up costing them in the long run if the Niners can get the deal done.

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