Could the Niners Land Pats Pioli as Their President in 09?

This interesting tidbit comes from the SF Chronicle, talking about the York’s and their choice for a President in 09:

Scott Pioli, 43, the Patriots vice president of player personnel, should be the Yorks’ choice. This is the man – perhaps the most impressive young executive in the NFL – with whom the Yorks should entrust their entire franchise. Let him run it his way. Let Pioli completely reorganize the 49ers football operation from a payroll and personnel standpoint. Allow Pioli and his people to run free agency and the draft, lifting this burden from Singletary so he can focus on what he does best – motivating and coaching players. And the Yorks should stay out of the way while he does it.

Getting Pioli would be a huge coo for the team, but I have a feeling it’s going to be easier said than done.

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