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5 Questions About Sunday’s Game vs Dallas w/ Cowboy Nation

49’ers Gab this week teamed up with Cowboy Nation to play a little back and forth with five questions.  Here are the questions we gave to them about the Cowboys and this weeks game, and they answers are underneath.

1. Sunday’s win in DC was huge from every standpoint…what was the most impressive thing about that win?

That was a statement game for this team on many different levels. First of all could they win a game in which a loss would have all but sealed their fate at being home for the playoffs? Secondly they proved not only to the fans but to themselves that they are fighters and that they have the heart and determination to get the job done. Thirdly they did not concern themselves with what the Redskins were going to do, they just focused on their game plan (Marion Barber running the ball) and forced the Redskins to adapt to what they were doing. They have always known they were good enough but I don’t think they ever worked together as a team until last week. Now they know the only ones that can stop them are themselves.

2. With a December with very tough games vs the Steelers, Giants, Ravens and Eagles coming up, how vital is it for the Cowboys to win the next two games vs the 49’ers and Hawks?

Every game from here on out is extremely vital for this team. They no longer have the luxury of not showing up for one game. This the time for this team to get on a roll so that they are at full song when the playoffs start, the playoffs are all about momentum. I think the Giants showed us all last year what the big Mo can do for you!

3. What part of the team concerns you the most right now with six games left, and can that part of the team or unit turn it around?

Well there are two areas that concern me, First would be the defense. They have really played well 2 of the last 3 games and really they had no chance in Giant game due to the situations the offense or lack there of was putting them in. They are getting healthy now with Terrence Newman back at 100% and with Pac – Man coming back in two weeks they should be able to be more consistent and should be able to amp up the pressure. The second area of concern is the special teams unit. They have been bad all year, the bad news is I don’t foresee them getting any better.

4. Knowing that the Niners have little to play for here, does this game scare you knowing that they may let it all hang out in going for the upset?

I think all Cowboys fans are fearful of not only this game but every game until this team proves it can be good consistently. In a lot of ways I think the Niners are the perfect team for the Cowboys to playing right now. The Cowboys need to be pushed and I believe the Niners are more than willing to push with them.

5. Will this Cowboys team make the playoffs? If so, how far will they go in the postseason?

Yes! I believe this team just has too much talent to not make the playoffs. Now how far they go is another question. I can only say if they continue to build on what they did last week; the big game is completely within reach. I will say this if they stumble this week against the Niners, they are in trouble. Could be another first round exit, but if they come out and take care of business the rest of the league should be worried!

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1 Comment

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