Nolan Stays Quiet on QB Starter for Preseason Game Two

Who will start for the Niners at QB in preseason game two remains a mystery, but the fact remains that Shaun Hill continues to get less and less work in practice. Tuesday he was again a bystander during drills taken by J.T. O’Sullivan and Alex Smith. Coach Mike Nolan remains steadfast in saying it’s a three-QB race to see who the starter will be, but right now the ball is clearly in the court of O’Sullivan, as he seems to have come out of nowhere to have the lead in the race. He took first-team snaps for the 6th straight practice. It would be quite a fall for Hill if he starts the season as the 3rd QB, as many felt in the offseason after he signed his new deal that he would be out Smith to be the teams starter.

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  1. My fantasy is.

    Nolan is resting Shawn Hill because he is the starter based on real game performance. Nolan is looking long and hard at O’Sullivan to determine if he can trade/release Alex Smith. That’s my two cents.

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