This Latest Version of Spikes Not the One The Niners Need


The 49ers signed Takeo Spikes, but it’s not like they’re getting the type of player who has made two Pro Bowls and who was once named first-team All-Pro. An Achilles injury from a few years ago has accelerated his older age (he’s 31). He’s recorded 107 tackles in 26 games, 25 of which he’s started, over the last two seasons. Now, tackles are really inflated statistics since home teams typically award tackles to players who are anywhere near a tackled player. Still, you get the sense that the Niners are desperate enough that they feel any upgrade to their defense (if this can be seen as an upgrade) could mitigate how terrible their offense will be.

On Sunday, J.T. O’Sullivan took every snap with the first team in 11-on-11 drills, according to Alex Smith worked with the second team, but Shaun Hill didn’t appear in any drills. Maybe Nolan and Martz actually feel O’Sullivan is a worthy starting quarterback in the NFL. Or maybe they just want to make scoring points as difficult as possible.

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