Staley Making it Back After Missing First Five Days of Camp

Staley on the way back

Joe Staley is trying to make up for lost time after missing the first five days of training camp. Staley was out with cellulites, an infection

The second-year left tackle, who played on the right side last season, has really become a key component of this 49ers squad. Remember, the 49ers gave up their 2008 first-round pick to the Patriots for the right to move up to the bottom part of the 2007 first round and select Staley as their second first-round choice.

Whoever 49ers’ signal caller will be – Alex Smith or Shaun Hill or even J.T. O’Sullivan – he will have part of his success determined by how little pressure he faces from the opposition. As the left tackle and protector of the quarterback’s blind side, Staley will undoubtedly have a huge role in the success of the quarterback, and, thus, the offense.

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