49’ers News and Notes and Features

Two pretty lengthy interviews here, one of Mike Nolan, the other of Mike Martz. Both are courtesy of the 49ers official web site.

The interviewer really pounds Nolan initially with J.T. O’Sullivan questions. Excuse me if I’m not excited at the prospect of Sullivan, he of the career 13-for-26, 148 yards, one touchdown, two interception stat line, starting for the 49ers.

I love how the interviewer also asks about Shaun Hill’s fatigued throwing shoulder three times in seven questions. Nolan is a disciplinarian to the nth degree, apparently. He doesn’t budge, as he answered firmly that Hill was suffering soley from shoulder fatigue.
Nolan also mentions that Joe Nedney is a leader, which seems comical considering that he’s a kicker. A kicker! Sorry, but I’m not buying Nolan’s emphasis that a kicker can lead. I’ll stick with Pat Willis as the 49ers team leader.

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