Sunday Niners News and Notes

Here are some articles from the past week about a few Niners players, including two rookies:

First-round pick Kentwan Balmer gave his cousin a “unicorn horn” when they were younger. What is promising in this piece is that Balmer was praised by the hard-working Nate Clements for having a strong work ethic. Is Balmer finally going to reverse the sad fortune of recent 49ers first-round picks?

Josh Morgan, a sixth-round choice, has shown the physical skills that often get wide receivers repeated looks by teams, no matter the receivers’ history, i.e. lack of production. By the way, wasn’t Jason Hill supposed to be a starting receiver by now with his 4.3 speed?

DeShaun Foster is the finesse to Frank Gore’s power. Foster is trying to work on his fumbling problem and the words “high and tight” are being pounded into his skull.

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