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Latest Niners News and Notes follow-up

I have to clean up some things from the article posted just below this. First, two links don’t work. So, instead of re-posting the tired links, I’ll just explain the stories behind them.

I linked to a Mark Purdy article in the San Jose Mercury News which discusses the 49ers’ stadium issue in Santa Clara. If really dry stadium planning talk bores you, it would be in your best interest to move down. Otherwise, I’ll make this as concise as possible.

In the article, Purdy explains his frustration with Cedar Fair, a company which owns Great American theme park, which holds the fate over the 49ers building a stadium at their proposed site in Santa Clara.

The 49ers and the city of Santa Clara have agreed on a site for a new stadium. The city owns the site on which the 49ers want to build. However, Cedar Fair leases an adjacent part of the proposed stadium lot for its Great American theme park. That lease gives Cedar Fair certain rights to the lots on which the 49ers’ stadium would be built, including proposed stadium parking areas.

Cedar Fair is playing hardball and has, generally, been outspoken about its dissatisfaction with the proposed stadium. It might seem obvious that a stadium which would bring 50,000-plus people to the site would be a great way for Cedar Fair to showcase its theme park, thus generating free advertising and a boost in future attendance. Of course, any economist will tell you that 50,000 people paying money to attend a 49ers game means that there are 50,000 people who are NOT paying money to attend Great American theme park. People can only do one thing at once and many low- to middle-class folks can afford to spend their money on only one form of entertainment per weekend. I want to say this is the substitution effect, but then I’m sure an economist reading this would write a nasty message on here about how I know nothing about consumer theory or indifference curves. And that economist would be spot-on.

Anyway, this is already longer than I wanted. Cedar Fair wants to use their tenant rights to make the 49ers’ proposed stadium go away. At least, that is what their actions say. Their words are much more politically correct. And Mark Purdy blasted Cedar Fair for being deceiving.

Whhewww, I need a breath. One, two, three…

Alright, the second link that didn’t work was an article by the Contra Costa Times (and every other Bay Area newspaper) outlining the draft prospects who will visit the 49ers from now until just before the April 26-27 draft. They include:

Cal wide receiver DeSean Jackson
San Jose State cornerback Dwight Lowery
Fresno State offensive lineman Ryan Wendell
Western Washington linebacker Shane Simmons
Auburn linebacker Quentin Groves
Clemson defensive end Phillip Merling
Florida defensive end Derrick Harvey

And a bunch of other guys you have probably never heard of. I know Merling and Harvey were very productive pass rushers, obviously in good conferences. I’ve heard of Groves, but don’t remember specifically watching him in college. Obviously, we all know Jackson.

Also, sorry for some of my draft prospect comments on the article below not being bolded. I blame it on, as our Prez G-Dubbya Bush would say, “the Internets.”

Finally, I am preparing for battle with RaidersGab. 49ers and Raiders are slated to play each other in the first game of the exhibition season. It’s on.

Hope you all have a great day and keep checking in the future for more draft updates along with general 49ers news!

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