Saturday Niners News and Notes

Niner Insider Kevin Lynch pointed out in a recent column that head coach Mike Nolan said the team would have taken Dwayne Bowe with the 11th pick last April if they hadn’t used it on Patrick Willis. This got me thinking: knowing now that both players excelled in their rookie years and look to be future stars – if not superstars – which would I rather see wearing the red and gold?

It’s easy to make the argument that a great middle linebacker is likely to have a more meaningful impact on a team than a great wide receiver. The middle ‘backer is the “quarterback” of the defense. More importantly – at least in Willis’ case – he can set the emotional tone for an entire unit.

You don’t often see a wide receiver having such a profound impact on the offense – unless he is a wild prima donna, in which case the impact is rather negative.

With those points made, I am happy the Niners chose Willis. What do you think?

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  1. the 49ers made the right choice with Willis, discounting any type of freak injury, he already shows Hall of Fame type rythmns. What he does with his intensity, is right on up there with the Andre Tippett, Derrick Thomas, DyMeco Ryans, of NFL pasts.

    Now they need to shore up their offensive line, I hope Larry Allen plays one more year, and is so motivated that he resigns for another year

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