Do These Beautiful Ladies Make the Cut?

I have gotten away from my promise to “cheer” or “jeer” the 2007 49ers Gold Rush cheerleading squad. With tryouts for the 2008 squad commencing at the end of this month, it is timely to decide if these Gold Rushers should be brought back.


I already said Alison should come back. Now it is Alyssa’s turn. She is a college student studying physical therapy who coaches high school cheerleaders in her spare time. Alyssa has played collegiate soccer and waterskis, so she obviously has an athletic side to her, beyond just cheering. Her favorite food is French fries.

I’m a little upset she didn’t call them by their more politically incorrect name (freedom fries) and she further annoyed me by stating she tries to make “everyday an adventure because life is too short to waste.” Great idea, but not very realistic. I’m sure she has days, like the rest of us, that consist of the unpleasant rotation of wake up, eat breakfast, go to school/work, eat dinner, work out, shower, do work/study, go to sleep. Anyway, she is a prototypical California beauty. She wins. And she is Cheered!


Bring on the next one, I say. Amanda loves the Gold Rush so much she can’t explain it. That’s the kind of answer I would expect from a blonde. I thought brunettes were the smart ones! Amanda is also a college student, studying business marketing. It’s a fun field and she starts to show promise until I see her favorite quote. “Dance like no one is watching.” That sounds like something a stripper would say, and cheerleading is supposed to be a healthier activity than stripping. Amanda turned me off and she is Jeered. Here is the Cheer or Jeer meter: Cheer (Alison, Alyssa)  Jeer (Amanda). I’ll be back with the next group later this week.


Back to football news, I will be conducting an email interview with Ben Riley of the Football Outsiders concerning all things 49ers, so stay tuned to for that interview and more.

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