NFL Investigates the Niners

In my “Saturday Niners Thoughts” column on, you guessed it, Saturday, I mentioned that the Niners were under investigation by the NFL for tampering charges related to unrestricted free agent linebacker Lance Briggs.

I emailed Aaron Salkin, Director of Public Relations for the Niners, about the organization’s response to the investigation and he had this to say in an email response: “We have nothing to say on the matter.”

At the time I fired off an email to Salkin, I followed that with an email to Mike Signora, who is the Director of Media Relations and International Communications for the NFL. I asked him about the investigation and he responded with this statement: “Thanks for your note. Issues such as these are internal matters between the league office and the clubs, and we will not have further comment.”

So I am basically writing a column to say that the 49ers and the NFL wouldn’t offer any comment on the matter.

Stay tuned.

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  1. Good stuff, I’m definetly staying tuned in…

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