Friday Forty-Niner Links and News

Niner Insider Kevin Lynch had a great article today on why the 49ers don’t play a consistent 3-4 defense…

Jerry Rice has been tutoring Cal wide receiver DeSean Jackson in preparation for this week’s NFL Combine. The Niners could definitely use a playmaker like Jackson, although it is probably unlikely that he will slide down to the very end of the first round, the Niners’ location. There is no doubt that Jackson is the kind of lightening-fast player that Mike Martz would love to have…

Staying on that topic, here is what Mel Kiper had to say about the Niners’ chances of getting


Bob (Oakland): Hey Mel, Where do you see Cal’s Desean Jackson going, and do the 49ers have a chance at him?

Mel Kiper: I think they could. They could have a shot at the other Cal WR, Lavelle Hawkins. He’s right in there with Jackson. The thing with DeSean is, do you draft him based on ’07? If so, he’s a 2-3 rounder at best. He didn’t have a great year. Back as a sophomore in ’06, he was a top 15 pick. Now he’s only 167 pounds, but he’s a dynamic performer. For me, I’d say late first round, he’s a good pick for somebody. There’s no question the 49ers would be interested. They need a WR in the first round. A lot of teams need a WR. Washington could take one, Dallas, Tennesse, San Francisco.

My feeling is that the Niners better make sure they value a playmaking wide receiver like DeSean over an outside linebacker, defensive end, or offensive guard. The rookie receivers that succeed right off the bat are typically the bigger, possession types, like DeWayne Boe last season. Linebacker, defensive end, and guard are three positions in which rookies can more easily succeed right off the bat…

While we care about who plays and coaches for the Niners, has anyone given considerable thought as to who cheers on the Niners from the sidelines next year? Fortunately for you, I will begin to make this a priority. A couple times per week, I will profile a cheerleader from the 2007 Gold Rush squad and give them the Cheer or Jeer rating. Cheer means the lovely lass should be retained for 2008, jeer obviously that she should find volunteer work somewhere else.

Our first candidate is Alison. She enjoys kickboxing and is “experienced in Taw Kwon Do.” Well, any woman that can kick ass looking that good has to be Cheered, right? In addition to her aspirations as a Financial Planner, Alison is very community- and charity-oriented. I like it all. One gripe is that her favorite quote is another of those lunatic statements that you should live every day as if it’s your last. Come on, how many people skydive, rock climb, swim with dolphins and view the Sistine Chapel every day? Anyway, Alison is hot, kicks ass (literally) and like helping others, so she is Cheered!

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