Martz Sets the Tone

Dennis Georgatos had a story in the San Jose Mercury News today about Mike Martz’s vision for the 49ers heading into the off-season. The new offensive coordinator explained that he couldn’t care less about Alex Smith’s inadequate 2007 season, that he considered Smith to be starting over.

Martz explained that he did not accept the notion that it might be tough for Smith to retain the starting quarterback spot, which is an open battle between him and Shaun Hill. Martz said that Smith doesn’t have a choice.

Martz went on to say that basically competition breeds success and that “if you’ve got a quarterback that’s concerned about competition, you’d better get another quarterback.”

He called the 49ers’ offense last season “a little disjointed” and said he thought the 49ers offense could be “a really dynamic offense” in 2008.

It should be an interesting off-season and training camp for the 49ers.

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