Forty-Niners News and Notes

Former 49ers defensive end Fred Dean was voted into the NFL Hall of Fame on Saturday. He will be inducted with the rest of the Class of 2008 in August in Canton, Ohio.

Nancy Gay of the San Francisco Chronicle explains that Dean was at first apprehensive about a coach’s decision that, 20 years later, eventually got him into the Hall of Fame…

Dean was watching TV when he first heard that he was voted in, Dennis Georgatos of the San Jose Mercury News explains…

The ContraCosta Times reported that Trent Baalke was promoted from regional scout to director of player personnel on Monday.

Former Baltimore Ravens’ assistant coach Tony Nathan was named the 49ers’ running backs coach.

Baalke has been with the 49ers for the past three seasons as a scout and will now oversee the college and pro personnel departments with the 49ers.

Nathan played for the Miami Dolphins for nine seasons before coaching in Miami, Florida International, and Baltimore…

Kevin Lynch breaks down the personnel departments of the 49ers and their NFC West competitors

As Matt Loede reporter earlier today on, Shaun Hill and the 49ers have agreed to a three-year contract. Hill showed the guts and instincts that the 49ers have hoped to see in Alex Smith. By ensuring that Hill will stay on the team, the organization will get to see the true competitiveness of Alex Smith. Is he ready to take over this team? If so, then he will step up his game to take back control of the starting quarterback position from Shaun Hill…

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