Competition for the 49’ers Stadium Begins


The competition for the new 49ers stadium has begun. Santa Clara, the 49ers rumored destination for years, will ask voters in November to approve $136 million to be spent towards a new stadium, according to Ann Killion of the San Jose Mercury News.

In San Francisco, the redevelopment of Hunters Point shipyard, a Superfund site, will likely appear on a ballot in early June. A new stadium would be apart of the redevelopment.

Hunters Points is the final part of waterfront land in San Francisco city limits that is available for large-scale redevelopment.

Carmen Policy, former 49ers president, is working on the San Francisco site. It should be noted that the site does not have the 49ers’ backing. There are already several components proposed for Hunters Points, including 10,000 housing units and commercial and industrial space. Although the 49ers would be responsible for funding the cost of the stadium, Policy claims the 49ers would receive $100 million from Lennar, a Miami-based developer.

The Hunters Point site does have some roadblocks. In addition to the excessive amount of cleaning that still needs to be performed on the site, the construction of 10,000 housing units could be too ambitious considering the state of the housing market nationwide.

Policy has spoken to the NFL about a 49ers stadium in Hunters Point or Santa Clara and the league is reportedly open to either site…

Kevin Lynch, the Niner Insider, has a story about John Brodie’s family trying to get him into the Hall of Fame

Shaun Hill did manage to garner quite a financial commitment from the 49ers considering he had never thrown a NFL pass until the last month of this past season…

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  1. Nice picture of Brodie! He helped build the 49ers.

    Fans of John Brodie, QB of the 49ers from 1957 to 1973, and the great San Francisco 49ers, are helping get John R Brodie, enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. We are asking all fans of the 49ers to write or fax a nominating letter to the hall of Fame, for Brodie to be enshrined as a senior candidate.
    We have made a webpage and there are addresses and sample letters you can use. The cut off date for a 2009 nomination is March 1, 2008, so we need the letters sent soon, please. Here is the address:
    Send your letters to:
    Pro Football Hall of Fame
    Attn: Nomination Committee
    2121 George Halas Drive NW,
    Canton, OH 44708

    or Fax: 330-456-9080

    here is the page with the sample letters:

    There is also a Myspace:

    and an online petition, for fans to sign:
    Thanks so much for your help, despite having suffered a severe stroke in 2000, Brodie is still active and follows his beloved 49ers.

    “Many people we have contacted are surprised that Brodie is not already in the Pro Football Hall of fame because of his awesome stats as a football player. In his seventeen year career with the San Francisco 49ers, John Brodie was one of the foremost quarterbacks in football. A quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers from 1957 through 1973, a 17 year run, John Brodie threw for 31,548 yards and tossed 214 TDs in 201 career games. He appeared in the Pro Bowl in 1965 and 1970. He was named NFL/NFC’s Most Valuable Player in 1970.
    His statistics clearly show him to be worthy of the honor of being inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame is the greatest honor that can be bestowed upon a football player and John Brodie is more than worthy of such an honor. He was among the leading passers in the league throughout the 1960s. His best statistical year was 1965 when he led the League in passing average (3,112 yards) and 30 touchdowns. When John Brodie retired from the NFL, he ranked third in the NFL in career passing yards.”

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