Smith To Call It A Season?

                      Alex Smith, San Francisco 49ers quarterback 

The time is drawing near for San Francisco 49ers quarterback Alex Smith to make a decision regarding the recovery of his shoulder injury and whether he can contribute to the team this season.  On Thursday, Smith set a timetable for a potential season-ending surgery, saying that rest by itself hasn’t done anything to improve the discomfort he is experiencing in his separated right shoulder. 

Smith also said that doctors will evaluate the shoulder on either Monday or Tuesday; if there is minimal or no progress, he may just go ahead and have the surgery performed.  Recovery time for a surgery such as this – a reattachment of the ligaments to the collarbone – is typically between 10-12 weeks.  Despite the prognosis thus far, Smith retains some hope for a comeback some time this season, telling Daniel Brown of the San Jose Mercury-News, “If it really starts to scar down, and there’s no need for surgery, then absolutely, I could come back for the end of the season and get back out there.  That’s what that evaluation will be.”

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