Head Coach Addresses Teams Struggles

49ers head coach Mike Nolan yesterday addressed recent media scrutiny about his 2-and-5 team. “It can be possibly distracting. I hope it’s not. We address a lot of things. I do tell our guys that the thing that really drives me at this point is, obviously, the character of our football team”, Nolan said on the team’s web-site. Asked whether he feels there’s any finger-pointing going on in the locker room, Nolan replied “I do not. I really don’t. I pay close attention to our locker room. Like I said, there are frustrations from time to time where people say things, but as an overall attitude or atmosphere and all that, I believe we’ve got that in check.” The 49ers look to snap a five-game losing streak this Sunday when they travel to Atlanta to battle the Falcons. Kickoff is scheduled for 10 a.m. (Pacific).

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