49’ers Reportedly Interested In Buying Great America

If you can’t meet halfway, just buy ’em out. With their sights still set on moving to the South Bay, San Francisco 49ers officials are now considering buying out the owners of Great America Theme Park to get a new stadium built. The team has been trying since last November to get a new 853-million-dollar stadium built next to their training facilities in Santa Clara but the owners of the theme park, Cedar Fair Entertainment, have opposed allowing the 49ers to build the stadium on Great America’ back-up parking lot. The Santa Clara County Assessor’s Office has valued the land at 114-million dollars. Reports of Cedar Fair blocking the proposed stadium as a negotiating tactic are being downplayed by the 49ers. Meanwhile, San Francisco city officials are still moving foward on a stadium plan at the former Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.     

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