Smith more seriously injured than originally thought?

Alex Smith, San Francisco 49ers quarterback The San Francisco 49ers have had enough bad news for one season, yet it appears it is bracing itself for some more.  According to a team source and as reported by Ed Werder of ESPN, starting quarterback Alex Smith is seeking out a second opinion from renowned orthopedic specialist Dr. James Andrews after MRI tests performed on Smith indicate that he appears to have suffered a serious injury to tendons in his shoulder. 

The injury in question occurred during the 49ers’ 23-3 loss to the Seattle Seahawks last Sunday.  If the initial diagnosis, which was taken at Stanford, is confirmed by Andrews, surgery will take place almost immediately and as a result, Smith will miss the rest of the season.  The 49ers have the injury listed as a “grade-3 shoulder separation” that wouldn’t need surgery.  When asked about his return from this injury, Smith told ESPN, “They wouldn’t put an exact date on it, but yeah, a few weeks.  Having the bye week helps, but I’ll just push it as hard as I can and try to get back as soon as possible.”

The quarterbacking duties will fall into the hands of Trent Dilfer who saw his first action last Sunday, going 12-of-33 for 128 yards.  It would not totally surprise me if they search for a QB on the waiver wire and/or free agent market in light of these developments.  The 49ers’ offense, as it were, already had an anemic offense.  I do not see how it gets any better with Dilfer behind the wheel; this is not a knock on Dilfer as he has won a Super Bowl previously.  Dilfer doesn’t exactly possess a rocket arm and he hasn’t seen any appreciable NFL action since 2005.

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