2nd Opinion on Smith’s Shoulder Critical to the 9’ers Season

49’ers QB Alex Smith is hoping that his shoulder will allow him to get back to work quickly, and is going to get antoher opinion about the injury that shelved him last week and is promising to do the same this Sunday.  ESPN.com is reporting that Smith will consult with Dr.James Andrews after a first MRI showed that he had a serious injury to tendons in his right shoulder.

The injury took place Sunday when the 9’ers fell to the Seahawks 23-3 at Monster Park.  The report said that if the tendons are as bad as first thought, then Smith would have corrective surgery immediately even though he would probably miss the rest of the season.  San Fran is calling the injury a third-degree shoulder separation that would not require surgery.

If Smith is indeed as bad as the report and misses the remainder of the 07 season, look for the 9’ers to take a serious look at available QB’s, as well as inquire to the Raiders about Andrew Walter, who is the current 4th QB on the team and is looking to play elsewhere after he’s either released or if  the team can make a deal to move him.        

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